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5th and 6th Grade Volleyball Tournament Planned

Posted: 28 September, 2012

The Wayne Community Activity Center is hosting a Girls Volleyball Tournament on October 27th for grades 5 and 6. Entry fee is $80 per team. Contact the Wayne Community Activity Center at 402-375-4803 for more information. Registration deadline is October 13th.

Girls Volleyball Tournament  
Saturday - October 27th 2012  
5th-6th Grades  
Wayne Community Activity Center  
  $80/Team Entry Fee Make Checks Payable to:   8:00 am Start  
  Deadline: October 13th City of Wayne   2 courts    
  306 Pearl Street    
        Wayne, NE 68787          
Pool Play   General Rules    
*2 sets to 20 pts   *Rally Scoring and Let Serves    
*Serving team is listed 1st on brackets *Adjusted Serving Line    
*5 serve rule applies (Pool play only) *Players may only play on 1 team    
  *Team must be registered in age division   
Tournament Play- Single Elimination        of oldest player    
*Gold and Silver Tournaments   *Time Outs: 30 seconds - 1 per set  
*Prizes awarded to winners of tournament *1 minute between sets    
*Serving team is top seed   *Teams- be ready 30 minutes prior to game 
*Best 2 out of 3 sets   *Balls are provided    
*Win by 2 up to cap   *Warm-up areas are limited to gym only  
*1st and 2nd sets to 20 pts - cap 22      
*3rd set to 15 pts - cap 17   Substitutions     
    *May sub center back position    
Seeding for Tournament determined by Warm-Ups: First Game for the Day  
*1st- Win/Loss record   *2 minutes serving team    
*2nd- Total # of points   *2 minutes receiving team    
*3rd- Head to Head   *1 minute shared time for serving    
*4th- Coin Toss   Remaining Games    
*Top teams to Gold Tournament    *1 minute serving team    
    *1 minute receiving team    
  *1 minuted shared time for serving  
          *Any questions, call the Wayne     
   *Concession Stand will be Avaliable   Community Activity Center at    
Girls Volleyball Tournament  
Saturday - October 27th 2012  
Wayne Community Activity Center  
Registration Form  
Coach's Information    
Name:           Cell Phone #:      
Address:           Home/Work #:      
Team Name:         City:        
Grade Division:  5th     6th         
  Jersey #     Player Name   Grade    
I understand that the Wayne Community Activity Center and any volunteers of this tournament    
have no responsibility for, nor carry insurance, for the benefits of players.  Therefore, I hereby  
waive and release the Wayne Community Activity Center and any volunteers of this tournament   
from any liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred by my team while participating in the     
volleyball tournament.    
Team Name:          
Coach's Signature:         Date:        
$80 Team Entry Fee   *Entry fee and Registration form must be received   
Payable to: City of Wayne   to hold your team's spot in the tournament.   
  306 Pearl Street      
  Wayne, NE 68787                


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