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Providence Medical Center Not Connected To Contaminated Epidural Drugs

Posted: 06 October, 2012

WAYNE - Federal health officials have widened their recall of drugs suspected of giving people an unusual type of meningitis that has killed five so far, and said they are convinced that contaminated products, and not pain clinics, are to blame for the outbreak. At least 47 people in seven states have been diagnosed with meningitis linked to the contaminated drugs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Providence Medical Center in Wayne has released a statement saying that they do not order nay drugs from the New England Compounding Center, the company responsible for the outbreak of fungal meningitis tied to epidural injection drugs. The drug in question is not used in epidural injections at Providence Medical Center.  “We, nor any of our patients at Providence Medical Center, are involved in this unfortunate incident” states Todd Luedeke, CRNA and Dr. Kimberly Bentjen, Pharmacy Director at Providence Medical Center. Again, patients who have received epidural injections at Providence Medical Center are in no way affected by the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis.  If you have any questions you are encouraged to call the hospital and ask for Kim Bentjen or Todd Luedeke.

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