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Make sure to register your dogs and cats if you live in the City of Wayne during the month of May. Registration fees during this period will be $6.00 per dog or cat and licenses can be obtained at the Wayne Police Department. More information can be found under the Community Events tab.

Community Events Today

Posted: 09 October, 2012

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) – In community events today, there will be a pep rally for fall sports and send off for the softball team at 2:20 this afternoon in the high school gym. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. The Wayne Public Library will host Story Hour  with the theme “Edible Campfires.” The UNL Extension Board of Wayne County will meet at the courthouse meeting room at 7:30 pm. Dr. Ronald Lofgren will perform on an eight-course Renaissance lute during a recital in Ley Theatre on the Wayne State College campus this evening at 7:30 p.m.

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