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Beef Producers Stand To Lose Millions Due To Drought

Posted: 11 October, 2012

OMAHA - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is trying to get a handle on the extent of this year’s drought by going straight to the source. Tuesday, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was in Omaha trying to get an understanding of the total impact of the drought nationwide. The impact goes well beyond the farm. While most growers saw their crops suffer under the summer sun, officials say its livestock producers who are really feeling the heat. The United Food and Commercial workers Union tallied up the total loss of wages caused by cutbacks in production at their top 15 beef plants in the nation. Dakota City’s Tyson plant tops the list, standing to lose nearly $12-million, two million more than the next largest plant, and nearly double that of the Cargill Plant in Schuyler.

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