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LENRD Extends Deadline To Apply For Financial Assistance

Posted: 30 October, 2012

NORFOLK - The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District is providing 50% cost-share, up to $1500, to anyone within the 15-county district whose domestic or livestock well has gone dry, due to the current drought. Interested landowners can sign-up for financial assistance at their local USDANatural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office.  The deadline to apply has been extended to Thursday, November 15th. LENRD Assistant General Manager, Ken Berney, said, “We have extended the deadline to apply for the cost-share because we are still getting calls from people who are interested in the program.  Those interested should apply by the November 15th deadline, and the work must be completed by December 31st.”  Berney added, “The drought really brought about some situations that we have never seen before, and we want to help those affected as best we can.” Contact your local NRCS office or the LENRD for more information.

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