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Business After Hours Chili And Salsa Cookoff Results

Posted: 13 November, 2012

WAYNE - The Business After Hours Chili and Salsa Cook Off was held Friday night at the Max Bar & Grill in Wayne. The event was organized by the Special Events Committee of Wayne Area Economic Development, and was sponsored by Quality Food Center, Pac N Save, Vel's Bakery, The Coffee Shoppe and the Max. The celebrity judges that chose first and second from each category were Kevin Armstrong, Curt Wheeler and Adam Endicott. There were a total of 16 chili contestants and 12 salsa contestants. Here are the results:
Salsa (pictured above)
1.Sandra Gathje $50 Pac N Save Gift Certificate
2.Mandy Parker $25 Pac N Save Gift Certificate
Chili (pictured below)
1. Russ Urbanec $50 Quality Food Gift Certificate
2. Rachelle McCalla $25 Quality Food Gift Certificate

People’s Choice as voted by the public for 3rd Place:
Salsa Chuck Langenberg, Hoskins, $15 Pac N Save Gift Certificate
Chili Rachelle McCalla $15 Quality Food Gift Certificate

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