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Wurdeman Recall Election Ordered To Stop

Posted: 15 November, 2012

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - District 1 Wayne County Commissioner Kelvin Wurdeman was in Wayne County District Court Tuesday morning regarding an injunction he filed to try and stop a recall election against him. Wurdeman sued Wayne County Clerk and Election Commissioner Deb Finn over signed petitions she accepted that were originally circulated by Kelly Hammer. The November 20th recall election scheduled for Wurdeman has been stopped by order of Wayne County District Court Judge Robert Ensz. In his order, Ensz stated “A person signing a recall petition has the right to know whether the person presenting that petition is being paid to do so or is simply doing so because of his or her belief in the cause.” The petitions submitted for Wurdeman’s recall did not include a reference to paid or volunteer circulators.

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