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Plainview Man Shot After Hurting State Trooper

Posted: 19 December, 2012

BRUNSWICK (AP) - Authorities say a 38-year-old Plainview man is being treated for a gunshot wound after ramming his tractor into a Nebraska state trooper's car. State Patrol spokeswoman Deb Collins says the altercation happened Tuesday morning after Aaron White created a disturbance at his children's school and made threats at a convenience store. The man drove to his farm northeast of Brunswick and set fire to his semitrailer truck. Then he started up the tractor and ran into outbuildings and equipment. When state troopers and a Pierce County sheriff deputy arrived, White tried to ram the deputy's car before hitting a trooper's car and hurting him. Another state trooper fired and hit the suspect. White was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an officer and flown to a hospital for treatment.

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