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Carroll Quilter Donates Quilts To Providence Medical Center

Posted: 15 January, 2013

WAYNE - Providence Medical Center in Wayne received some heartfelt gifts from Alice Mohr of Carroll this week.

"A total of sixteen quilts were delivered to us, and it hasn't been that many days ago that Alice gifted us with another arm full, assisted by her friend, Pam" said Sandra Bartling, Foundation President.  "Creating lap quilts for adults and smaller quilts for our pediatric patients is a project that is obviously very dear to Alice's heart, and we are thrilled that Providence Medical Center patients are benefitting from her overwhelming generosity," said Bartling.
Handmade blankets and quilts are always in great demand. "These quilts are a tremendous comfort to our patients while they are in our hospital, as well as something that they can take home with them," said Leslie Schulz, PMC Social Services Director.  "They always bring a smile," she said.

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