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Wellhead Protection Plan Draws Large Crowd To City Council Meeting

Posted: 20 February, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - The Wayne City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting in front of a large public crowd last night. Three public hearings were held, the first being over the highly controversial wellhead protection plan. A number of landowners spoke out against the plan, saying that putting it into place would affect their livelihood. The landowners said that they are already regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality and that they use the best practices possible. Those in favor of the plan noted that the area has already been set, and made clear that the city cannot regulate the area. The plan allows for education. The resolution to adopt the wellhead protection plan did not pass, as it did not receive a second motion. It will be brought back to the next meeting for further discussion. The other public hearings were on ordinances regarding public parking for retail stores and rezoning lots two and four of the Benscoter addition. Both ordinances were passed and final readings were waived. 

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