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State Lawmakers Wrap Up Session For This Year

Posted: 06 June, 2013

LINCOLN (AP) - Nebraska lawmakers have finished a legislative session highlighted by a $7.8 billion, two-year budget, increased spending for the university and state colleges, and an overhaul of juvenile services. The Legislature adjourned Wednesday, the 90th day of the session. The budget represents about a 5.5 percent increase in spending, including a boost to higher education funding that will allow the University of Nebraska and the state colleges to enact a two-year tuition freeze. Lawmakers spend much time on juvenile services, focusing on expanding local treatment options for young criminal offenders. Legislators didn't expand Medicaid coverage, despite majority support. Lawmakers also postponed action on tax reforms championed by Gov. Dave Heineman, in favor of a study that will seek ways to make the system simpler and more equitable.


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