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Special Meeting Held Regarding Applicants For County Commissioner Opening

Posted: 06 June, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - A special meeting was held Thursday morning involving the committee who will appointment the new District 1 Wayne County Commissioner. Committee members are County Attorney Mike Pieper, County Treasurer Karen McDonald and County Clerk Deb Finn. Pieper was elected as Chairman of the Committee. According to information from County Clerk Deb Finn, the committee has received a total of 11 applications for the position. They are: Todd Beiermann, Kelly Hammer, Jared Heithold, LeRoy Janssen, Randy Larsen, Blaine Nelson, Randall Pick, Jason Sears, Terry Sievers, Doug Sturm and BJ Woehler. Interviews for the applicants have been scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th in the upstairs meeting room of the courthouse. According to Finn, the applicants will have 30 minutes for each interview. The committee will announce its decision after the completion of all interviews.

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