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Wayne County Relay For Life Held Friday And Saturday

Posted: 10 June, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) - The annual Wayne County Relay for Life was held Friday night into Saturday morning at the Wayne State College Recreation Center. Once again, a solid turnout and six teams made up the majority of participants who made their way around the track throughout the night. A featured portion of the night was the Hero of Hope ceremony. This year’s hero of hope was Karla (Keller) Leriger, originally from Wayne. Leringer told the story of how she acquired breast cancer at the age of just 23 and was able to overcome. She spread her message to all those who were present at the ceremony and stressed that, while often difficult, the fight must go on. Leriger currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Pink Bandana Foundation, and organizes a large mud volleyball tournament in which they raise $10,000 for women fighting breast cancer.

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