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4-H Sharp Shooters Place 14th At Nationals

Posted: 05 July, 2013

UNDATED - Six members of the Sharp Shooters 4-H Club competed in the 48th annual Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match, held in Rogers AR, on June 29 and 30, 2013.  A total of 54 teams from across the U.S. vied for the coveted title with the Sharp Shooters finishing in 14th place.

Team members included Austin Arens, son of Kelly and Jenny Arens of Laurel; James Simpson, son of Jeff and Colleen Simpson of Wayne; Cameron Muhs, son of Brock and Jamie Muhs of Carroll; Joshua Greunke, son of Darin and Staci Greunke of Winside; and Sam Perry, son of Ted and Angie Perry of Carroll.  Trevin Boysen, son of Scott and Kim Boysen of Laurel, was the lone alternate for the team.

The National BB Gun Championship format consisted of each competitor shooting 10 shots in each of the following positions; prone, standing, sitting, and kneeling. Each entrant also took a written test covering firearm safety and rules of the competition. Each position and the test had a possible perfect score of 100 points, for a total of up to 500 points. The team members scores were added together to comprise the team score.

"The kids did a great job." said Darin Greunke, coach of the Sharp Shooters. "We had three goals going down to Nationals. To have fun, to shoot the best we could for the match and to learn. The kids were relaxed on the range, smiling and laughing. They kept the mood light."

After the scores were tabulated, the Sharp Shooters accomplished goal number two in scoring a team total of 2,272 out of a possible 2,500 points. The winning team score was 2,374. "All the kids kept their cool and shot really well." said Greunke. "Finishing 102 points out of first, in this high level of competition, is testament to how hard the kids worked in practice before going down."

Three of the Sharp Shooters shot personal best scores in Rogers.  Austin Arens shot a 377, Joshua Greunke kept pace with a 373. Trevin Boysen finished with a 327. Austin also shot a 99 in the sitting position to tie with eight other shooters for second place. The tie was broken by scoring center shots.  Austin finished in fifth place in the sitting position overall. James Simpson tallied 366 points, Cameron Muhs shot a 359, with Sam Perry finishing with 353.
The test was the make or break portion of the match. 

"They rewrote the test this year, making it more challenging than usual. The Sharp Shooters faired well on the test.  The team scored 444 points toward their team total." added Greunke.  "In coaching the kids, I told them the test would most likely be harder. They responded by studying harder."

For information on the 4-H shooting sport program contact Darin Greunke at 402-286-4895 or call your local county extention office.

Left to right: James Simpson, Trevin Boysen, Cameron Muhs, Austin Arens   Back row  Jeff Simpson; Coach, Sam Perry, Joshua Greunke, Darin Greunke; Coach.

Photo contributed by Darin Greunke

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