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Health Department Warns Of Food-Borne Illnesses

Posted: 23 July, 2013

WAYNE – The Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department in Wayne is currently investigating a higher than usual number of  food-borne illnesses that cause severe diarrhea and/or vomiting. Health Director, Deb Scholten, assures the public that the current cases do not appear to be connected, but believes it is important to urge the public to be especially careful to use food safety practices and thorough and frequent hand washing. Scholten urges everyone to take part in several steps to prevent contamination. Clean hands and surfaces often.  Wash all fresh fruits and vegetables before eating, even those that are pre-packaged and state that they have been washed. Separate raw meats from other foods. Uncooked meat juices can contaminate other foods. Cook foods to the right temperature. And refrigerate foods (40 degrees and below) promptly after eating. Don’t let foods sit out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. The Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department serves Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne Counties.

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