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Herbert Sack

Posted: 05 August, 2013

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Herb brought the classic sounds of Country to the stage at the Showdown.

Herb Competing

Herb's Bio

I'm an old beach cowboy likes hanging out in America Central when the north wind blows cold. I'm usually I'm the only Gringo around. Some of my friends know me by no other name. But seeing as how playing the guitar on the beach with friends doesn't generate a whole lot of income I spend most of my days up here working so I can come down and watch the waves roll in. The song came about from buying a juice machine and running a pineapple through it. We tried to run a banana through but they don't juice, just turn to mush. So we threw it all in a blender with a little leche de coco and some rum and it was pretty damned good. So I thought hey that sounds like a song, Jugo de pina Leche de coco bananas a blender and Rum. So I wrote that line down on a piece of paper and threw down on the coffee table and it laid there for a couple weeks till I picked up again and started to work on the song. I later translated it into Spanish and the Spanish version is better yet. Hope you enjoy it. Cause I'm a Rum drinking Son of a Gun.

National Broadcasters Association Member 2017