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Snyder Man Burned In Accident At Thunder By The River (Video)

Posted: 19 August, 2013

WISNER – In what is usually two days worth of great family entertainment, Wisner’s popular Thunder by the River truck and tractor pull took and ugly twist Friday night. Matt Kreikemeier of Snyder was participating in the truck pull when his vehicle caught fire. The failure of safety devices prevented Kreikemeier from escaping the truck right away, and he was trapped inside. Kreikemeir was life flighted to St. Elizabeth hospital in Lincoln where he is being treated in the burn unit. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

The Thunder by the River Facebook page provided a text message from Kreikemeier’s daughter regarding his condition.

"Matt is currently at St. Elizabeth's in the burn unit. He's in stable condition but still considered critical. We won't really know much else information for a few days. Our family really appreciates all of the prayers and love that we've received in the last few days."

The following is a video posted on Facebook by Marc Risor of Norfolk, who was a spectator at the event.

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