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More Information Regarding Confirmed West Nile In Wayne

Posted: 20 September, 2013

WAYNE (KTCH/KCTY) – Earlier this week, the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department reported that the West Nile virus was confirmed in mosquito traps that were placed along the Logan Creek in Wayne. Health Department Director Deb Scholten said that testing is done in the area every two weeks. Along with the Logan Creek trap, the department also place mosquito traps by the Wayne Summer Sports Complex and by the athletic fields on the Wayne State College campus.

Scholten stated that while only one trap had confirmed mosquitoes with West Nile, that there could be others around. “That doesn’t mean that the only mosquitoes that have West Nile virus are down on the south side of town,” Scholten said. “It means that you need to take precautions because West Nile virus is around.” Scholten also said that positive readings for the virus are not uncommon is Wayne. “We normally do get positive readings at sometime during the summer, late summer or early fall,” Scholten said. “We’re real happy that the City responded as quickly as they did to try to prevent anybody from getting West Nile virus.”

Scholten also noted that there have been two recent confirmed human cases of the virus within the health district. She also stated that while not everyone experiences symptoms from the virus, they can include headaches, fever and chills. Scholten urges those that have similar symptoms to see a doctor immediately, as the virus does affect the nervous system.

When confirmed cases like this happen, the Health Department gives several tips for avoiding the pests and the virus itself. “Empty all the containers to have sitting outside, especially old tires, and empty out all that water because mosquitoes love to breed in that,” Scholten said. “Also, mosquitoes like tall grass and weeds so keep that cut if you can. And keep doors and window screens repaired to keep the mosquitoes out.” Scholten and the Department also encourages the use of repellant and Deet, as well as wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. Staying indoors at dusk and dawn will also help decrease chances on contracting the virus.

More information about West Nile and proper precaution steps can be found at the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department’s website

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