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NPPD Avoids Electric Rate Increase

Posted: 09 November, 2013

The Nebraska Public Power District board of directores decided yesterday that there will be no increase in the electric rates of wholesale and retail customers.

NPPD President Pat Pope told board members in September that a suggested 2% rate increase had been reduced to zero for the upcoming year, due to statewide efforts by management and employees to reduce costs, strong summer revenues, an almost 50-position reduction in personnel, and continued improvements in efficiency.

Earlier this year, NPPD told its wholesale and retail customers it would likely need a projected a 3.5 percent increase. Additional cuts in cost helped to reduce that proposed increase to two percent, and eventually down to zero.

Pope said, "The bottom line is we have had a much better year in 2013 than we budgeted, and staff has done an excellent job in scrubbing budgets and reducing costs without compromising reliability and safety.”

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