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Orphan Grain Train Sends Relief to Philippines

Posted: 12 November, 2013

NORFOLK, NE—In the aftermath of the largest storm in recorded history, which hit the Philippines last week, over 600,000 people were displaced and an estimated 10,000 were killed in the near complete devastation caused by the storm. The Orphan Grain train is responding to the need by shipping 259,200 Mercy Meals immediately. More shipments, which will include clothing, medical and other needed supplies in addition to food, will follow.
      KIM, a mission organization on the ground in the Philippines, distributes Orphan Grain Train supplies directly to the people. Their support system, already in place, ensures that supplies sent by outside charitable organizations are properly directed. The orphan Grain Train has been working with KIM for years, and expects the food shipment to be quickly distributed to those in need.
     Donations can be made on the Orphan Grain Train website, www.ogt.org.

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