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Hayes Serves Jail Time for Terroristic Threats

Posted: 17 November, 2013

MADISON, Neb. — A Battle Creek man is serving 10 days in jail after being sentenced on a charge of third-degree terroristic threats for an altercation involving a semi-automatic pistol.

Robert B. Hayes, 39, said he had been target shooting at a campground with a friend in May when an argument took place. Hayes fired his gun into the air, prompting his friend to call the police, who then arrested Hayes.

Madison County Public Defender Kyle Melia acknowledged that the victim’s explanation of the events leading to Hayes’ arrest were different, but Melia said Hayes accepted responsibility for the charges.

Hayes’ criminal history is “significant,” said Judge James Kube, but most of the charges were related to motor vehicle infractions or marijuana, and most occurred before 1999.

Hayes was sentenced to 15 days in jail with credit for five days previously served, 12 months of probation, submission to chemical testing, an alcohol and drug evaluation, moral reconation therapy, 80 hours of community service and a $250 fine, plus court costs.

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