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South Sioux City Quintuplets Are Healthy And Improving

Posted: 18 November, 2013

SOUTH SIOUX CITY (AP) - Bianca and Jose Garcia of South Sioux City are adjusting to their new family, which jumped from four to nine with the July births of their quintuplets - only the third set ever born in Nebraska. Marah, Arleth, Jimena, Rosalyn and Christobal - the only boy – were born about 12 weeks premature on July 25 at Woman's Methodist Hospital in Omaha. The quintuplets joined their 9- and 7-year-old older brothers. Born with health risks, the first babies - Marah and Christobal- weren't discharged until Sept. 27. On Oct. 20, Arleth and Jimena went home, and Rosalyn was discharged the next day. The Garcias say they're taking one day at a time, but that all of the babies are now healthy.

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