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Class D State Wrestling Results From Friday

Posted: 22 February, 2014

Consolation Round 1
Class D
106- Dominique Rickard win over Marshall Holtzclaw of Thayer Central- Major Decision 10-1
126- Tayven Sauser win over Christian Vera of McCool Junction- Fall 4:22
195- Christopher Kai win over Chantz Klein of Sumner-Eddyville-Miller- Decision 3-1
285- Devin Soll win over Dominic Foster of South Loup- Fall 3:46
113- James Oelrich win over Kasey Mullen of Tri County- Fall 2:17
160- Colten Korth win over Dan Allgood of Superior- Decision 3-2
120- Colby Erickson win in Sudden Victory over Austin Huddle of Hemingford- 8-6
138- Zach Morris was eliminated by Garrett Fries of Southwest- Technical Fall 15-0
160- Zach Jones win over Kyle Stevens of High Plains Community- Major Decision 13-5
285- Zane Jensen was eliminated by Cole Larson of Palmer- Fall 1:51
Consolation Round 2
Class D
106- Dominique Rickard was eliminated by Ryan Molacek of Howells-Dodge- Decision 5-2
126- Tayven Sauser was eliminated by Ty Sutphen of Hyannis- Decision 4-0
113- Josh Davis win over James Oelrich of Randolph- Decision 4-3
195- Christopher Kai was eliminated by Payton Schake of Amherst- Decision 7-1
285- Devin Soll was eliminated by Austin Gubbels of Randolph- Fall 3:42
113- James Oelrich was eliminated by Josh Davis of Pender- Decision 4-3
120- Jesse Schmit was eliminated by Levi Baughman of Hitchcock County- Decision 4-0
160- Colten Korth was eliminated by Isaac Acherl of Stapleton/McPherson County- Decision 9-2
285- Austin Gubbels win over Devin Soll of Pender- Fall 3:42
120- Colby Erickseon was eliminated by McKway Scott of Arcadia-Loup City- Major Decision 14-4
160- Zach Jones was eliminated by Garrett Cox of Mullen- Fall 1:35

Winner’s Bracket Semifinals
Class D
113- Christian Miller Improves to 40-0 with win over Trey Dodson of North Platte St. Patrick’s- Fall 2:44
120- Cole Aschoff win over Aaron Hueftle of Eustis-Farnam- Decision 5-2
152- Tony Steinkraus loss to Cody Krula of Thayer Central- 6-1
182- Tyson Bolling win over Riley Noel of Meridian- Technical Fall 17-1
126- Mark Dunn win over Chris Weth of Eustis-Farnam- Fall 3:42
138- Jacob Sebade improves to 44-0 with win over Cale Bolton of High Plains Community- Decision 4-2
145- Benny Oliver win over Colton Lammers of Pleasanton- Decision 10-3
132- Drew Loberg win over Thomas Foster of Medicine Valley- Decision 7-5
195- Dylan Loberg win over Colton Ives of Harvard- Fall 1:26
106- Sean Mann loss to Jacob Calvert of Dundy County/Stratton- Decision 8-3
132- Marcos Escalera win over Collin Fleecs of Sutherland- Decision 4-2
220- Caleb Lienemann win over Dallas Doupnik Jr of Harvard- Fall 0:46

Consolation Round 3
Class D

113- Josh Davis was eliminated by Louis Herley of Neligh-Oakdale- Decision 10-4
285- Austin Gubbels was eliminated by Matthew Hessler of Morrill in Sudden Victory- 3-1

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